Walking By The Spirit Part 4, Building a Strong Spirit

It’s important for us to build a strong spirit so we choose more often than not, to rely on the Holy Spirit in us. There are several spiritual disciplines found in the Word of God that can help us to build a strong spirit.

Identity Crisis Part 1

Many people suffer identity crisis and struggle even when shown the devastating effects of living without purpose. Thankfully getting out of this hurtful lifestyle is right within your reach through the Word of God. It’s worth enduring short-term struggle to live a worthwhile lifestyle now and throughout eternity.

I Am Here Because… Pt 1

This month’s theme is Christian Living. We are exploring the book of Ephesians, which answers the question men and women have asked throughout all time: Why am I here? The answer has to do with eternity, making peace with God and understanding the believer’s new identity in Christ. I am blessed, chosen, and have a … [Read more…]

Making Disciples in the Post-Covid Era (Part 4)

Many are paralyzed by fear and not just a few are great frustrated, annoyed, or downright angry. If anything all of this amplifies its importance and gives even more credence to the instruction Jesus and the early Apostles gave to their disciple-makers.